Jodi Hottel

Anais Nin said, “We write to taste life twice, in the moment, and in retrospection.” 


Her statement captures one of the reasons I am a poet. My poetry, whether in response to a personal experience, a work of art, or a slice of history, usually comes into being through an emotional experience that I want to taste again and allow my readers to sample as well. 



Reasons to Keep Writing


because the world needs more poetry

because there are so many em dashes—

            and so little time

because every dog should have a poem written about her

            and every person needs a love poem

because it requires all of your attention

because it keeps you sane 

[and no one will be able to live with you if you don’t]

because all your friends do

because the best people are poets

because there are clouds

because it gives you a reason to take a walk

because you want to remember

because you need        to call on rain

                                    to grieve

                                    to rejoice

                                    to create music

                                     to use your breath

because it’s legal to repeat, break all the rules

because writing is infinitely inventive

because you can          join tradition

                                    repudiate tradition

                                    invent a new form

because it’s so lucrative

because you’re getting cranky

just to see the reaction you get when you say, 

I’m a poet